Indexmain is a venture capital and consulting firm based in Santa Barbara, CA. Born in the early 2000's, our firm started off as a computer repair and networking service and quickly blossomed into providing web services such as hosting, design and development. Through the years, our service has continue to grow into business marketing, development, supply chain services, and several financial services such as accounting and bookkeeping, analysis, and tax services.

As a guardian to our client's welfare, we leverage both our knowledge and expertise coupled with our passion as fellow Entrepreneurs. Our team's determination to Engage, Understand, Research, and Respond makes our process second to none. As consultants, we thrive on unique challenges, and progressive solutions. Today's emerging companies must solve today's demands using tomorrow's innovations to maintain feasibility. It is with these ideals that we deploy solutions for our stakeholders whether that be for client consultancy or internal ventures team members.

As Entrepreneurs, we thrive on developing emerging niche market services and products which allow us to focus on the details of our end-user needs. Through these opportunities, we maintain a strong connection to our client's perspective and needs for when they provide services or products to their customer. We take these experiences, into account when we innovate, sharpen our skillset, develop and test strategies, and further invent our technological and intellectual property tool's and assets.

For further information: jonathan(*^AT^*)indexmain(*^DOT^*)com